At Inka Warrior Kennel, we are dedicated to the art of dog breeding. Founded by Willie Wong, a passionate breeder with a rich history in the field, our journey began in Peru and has now brought us to Sacramento, California. We specialize in breeding French Bulldogs of top pedigrees and a stunning array of exotic and standard colors.

Willie Wong's expertise and commitment to producing canines of unparalleled quality have earned him a renowned reputation within the international dog breeding community. With a focus on excellence, our breeding program reflects his passion and dedication to the craft. Our French Bulldogs embody the essence of the breed, combining exceptional pedigrees with an impressive variety of colors that are sure to captivate enthusiasts.

At Inka Warrior Kennel, we believe that dogs have a special place in our lives. Their genuine essence, characterized by loyalty, love, and devotion, forms an unbreakable bond with their owners. We cherish and celebrate the true nature of our dogs, recognizing the unique qualities and personalities that make each breed extraordinary. Our lifelong journey of learning ensures that we continually strive for improvement, providing dogs that embody the utmost excellence.

Join our passionate community at Inka Warrior Kennel, where we invite you to discover your perfect companion. Whether you are searching for a remarkable Rottweiler or a captivating French Bulldog, our unwavering commitment to breeding excellence remains the cornerstone of our endeavors. Through our dogs, we aim to bring joy, love, and unwavering loyalty into the lives of our clients, offering them the opportunity to experience the unconditional love and devotion that only a remarkable canine companion can provide.

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